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New Generation Heat Pumps
For a Cleaner World

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Natural Energy Systems

This energy is very natural

Being ecological and high disposal, natural energy heat systems provide a cleaner world to the future generations

Alternative Heat System

On the summer months, ground takes the energy from the sun, then it saves this up on earth, water and the stones, this energy is contained longer than the air.

%100 Environmentalist

While working to seasons and because of the air conditions it doesn’t leak any gas that harms human health. Unlike other systems there aren’t any CO2 gas production.


Enclosed loop-soil drilling method

Up to the system calculation needs, where the quantities are defined, is an 135-175mm radius Vertical/Drilling application.

Enclosed loop-soil deployment method

With the Smart Control Panel you can save up on money and energy. It is applied by deploying polyethylene collector tubes 1,53m under the ground.

Air-Water Resourced Heat Pump

It is a very compact and easy to use system that is able to use the other hidden energy that is besides the one in air.

Water Resourced Heat Pump

It is a method of connecting weights to the surface of the still water to the bottom by touching. It is for sea, lake, stream, flood, river, etc. applications.

Ground resourced heat pumps - crystal cleaning

NIBE’s one earth resource heat pump energy costs can be lowered to as much as 80%. By minimizing your CO2 emissions, you can enjoy your environmentally friendly, renewable, and free energy resources.

Earths heat resouce, from depths of the ground, from the depths of a lake or is a pure, saved up sun energy just a few meters under the grass. The most appropriate one, a houses’ energy needs, present heating system and is decided by the area. System provides hot and hot water comfortably and allows cooling on hot days as well.



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02 October 2018

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